Landmarks: Fuente Osmeña Circle - Cebu City

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Places: Fuente Osmeña Circle
Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu City...Queen City of the South!

Fuente Osmeña Circle:

A center for cultural, social, and political happenings, this
rotunda could very well be the soul center of the people of Cebu.

A symbol of Cebuano's courage and pride.

Fuente Osmeña Circle is one of the famous rotundas in Cebu.

It is built in honor of the late President Sergio Osmeña, the fourth president of the Republic of the Philippines.It has been inaugurated in 1912.It has been said that the fountain was built in inauguration of the City's new water system.

At present, it is used as a venue for Christmas and Sinulog activities.




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