MYMP LIVE : Ayala Center Cebu

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May 3, 2014 - 7pm
The Gallery, Ayala Center Cebu

Band History:

Origin (1996–2002)

Jacques "Chin" Alcantara founded the four-man rock band M.Y.M.P. "Make Your Momma Proud" late 1996. It was Chin's elder brother, Julius, who gave the band its name – a tribute to their departed mother. Chin's mother, Dr. Stella Lopez-Alcantara (a cardiologist), had died of complications from breast cancer when he was 17.

In 2000 the addition of female vocalist, Marifil Niña Girado, known then as the R&B singer (and later as Nina, the Soul Siren) after leaving the band to go solo.

In 2001, Alcantara handled an audition for a new female lead, and the group found Julie Iris "Juris" Fernandez.


The band became famous with their original hit song "A Little Bit" (which won the People's Choice "Favorite Song" Award in Awit Awards 2004) and cover versions of Sting's "Every Little Thing" and Bob Marley's "Waiting in Vain".

It was the trio of Alcantara, Fernandez and percussionist Mike Manahan that established the beachhead for M.Y.M.P.’s frontal assault on the sales and radio charts.The trio did click but M.Y.M.P. became a duo when one of their members decided to leave the group.

Manahan left the band in 2003 due to what Alcantara called “professional differences” as well as a fallout from Manahan’s breakup with Fernandez; the two were in a relationship for a while. Yet, this did not stop M.Y.M.P.'s Juris & Chin from sharing their music.


On 2009, Juris Fernandez leave M.Y.M.P.

On January 24, 2010, Juliet Bahala was introduced as the new vocalist of M.Y.M.P. Bahala suffered severe vocal fatigue, laryngitis and vocal nodules which eventually forced her to rest indefinitely.

MYMP management held a grand audition for a female vocalist after and chose Jana Laraza as the new singer.

MYMP is set to release its 10th anniversary album under PolyEast EMI-Galaxy Records in February 2014 with Jana Laraza on vocals.

Famous Songs:

Get Me
Tell Me Where It Hurts (Cover)
Kailan (Cover)
Especially for You (Cover)
Eternal Flame (Cover)

(Source: Wikipedia)

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