450th Kaplag Anniversary Celebrations

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450 Kaplag Anniversary Celebrations
April 18-28, 2015
Cebu City


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April 18 (Saturday)
6am - Holy Mass
6:30am - Traslacion of the Image (to Redemptorist Church)

April 19 (Sunday)
4am - Penitential Walk with Jesus
5am - Kaplag Fun Run
5:30am - Opening Salvo
- 1st Day Novena

April 20 (Monday)
- 2nd Day Novena

April 21 (Tuesday)
- 3rd Day Novena

April 22 (Wednesday)
- 4th Day Novena

April 23 (Thursday)
- 5th Day Novena

April 24 (Friday)
- 6th Day Novena
9am - Traslacion of the Image (to San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish - San Nicolas)
10am - Welcome Mass of the Pilgrim Image

April 25 (Saturday)
- 7th Day Novena
7:30am - Arrival of Participants
Opening of Kaplag International Conference

April 26 (Sunday)
- 8th Day Novena
10am - Traslacion of the Image (to St. Joseph Shrine Mandaue)
11am - Welcome Mass of the Pilgrim Image

April 27 (Monday)
- 9th Day Novena
6am - Fluvial Procession
3pm - Grand Reenactment of the Arrival of Santo Niño and Kaplag

April 28 (Tuesday)
- Grand Kaplag Fiesta
8am - Kaplag Fiesta Mass
3pm - Solemn Procession
5:30pm - Pontifical Mass
7pm - Sinulog Night Street Dancing - Fuente Osmeña to Basilica del Santo Niño


Kaplag is a Cebuano term for "finding" or "discovery". The celebration refers to the historic finding of the religious relic, the image of the Santo Niño, on April 28, 1565. The image is believed to be brought by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 as a gift to Rajah Humabon and his wife, Amihan who were converted to the Christian faith. The image was discovered by one of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's soldiers, Juan Camus, in a partially burned hut.

The 450th Anniversary of Kaplag will also commemorate the 450 years of Augustinian presence in the Philippines. Also, the celebration marks the 50th Anniversary of the Santo Niño Church as having been elevated to the honorific title, “Basilica Minore” – a title conferred in 1965 by Pope Paul VI through his Papal Legate Archbishop Ildebrando Cardinal Antonuitti.

(Credits: http://www.450kaplag.com )



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